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Every visitor:
      Welcome to Fantawild Hi-tech Theme Park Jinyuan! For the sake of your rights and safety,please read Notice to Tourists before buying ticket.
二、服务说明Serve Explanation
 1、 重庆金源方特科幻公园是一票制的主题公园,游玩园内所有游乐项目及欣赏所有娱乐表演均无须另外付费(特殊时期举行的特别场次表演除外)。
Fantawild Hi-tech Theme Park Chongqing Jinyuan adopts one-ticket-system, you don't need to pay extra for all attractions or performance. (Except special performance at special time. )
Fantawild ticket is valid for one time as specified on the ticket, you need to buy ticket again for entrance after exiting the park. 
The attractions or performance are scheduled by time. Ask the workstuff for the schedule list in order to arrage your routine. Fantawild will not beresponsible for any compensation, ticket return or loss if you miss some attractions or pe-rformance.     
Most of the attractions are hi-tech items that involves big sized systems of mechanical, electronical, network, automatic control, high sky and high speed running equipments. If suddent malfunction happens and the restore time may be a bit long, or in the fol-lowing situations:If the equipments are under inspection of daily, week, month an-dannual inpspection; If the ride has to be stopped for temporary repair in con-sideration of safety factors In case of all the above situations, Fa-ntawild will not responsible for ticket return, neither compensate any loss caused hereby.
三、特别提示Specail tips:
For the sake of your safety, we especially remind you that part of the attractions are not for visitors with the following health problems: high bl-ood pressure, heart attack, preganent woman and heavy drunk. There are some height limits for participation of some of the attractions.
项 目Attraction                         身高要求Height limit
银河广场天幕表演                       无
Galaxy Plaza tent performance              Nil
太阳系与人类                           无
Human Being and the Solar Ssytem          Nil
太空山之航天之路                       无
Space Road of Space Mountain             Nil
太空山之时空隧道                       儿童须有成人陪同
Time Tunnel of Space Mountain            Kids should be under accompany of adults
太空山之人在太空                       无
Around the Space of Space Mountain         Nil
太空山之航天之旅                       无
Space ride of Space Mountain               Nil
太空山之星际航班                       140cm 以上
Space Tour of Space Mountain              Over 140cm
恐龙危机之动感体验                     110cm 以上
Exhibition Hall of dino-rampage             Over 110cm
恐龙危机之展示大厅                     无
dino-rampage                            Nil
生命之源                               无
ode to life                               Nil
飞月越极限动感体验                     110cm 以上
Experience of Floating Sphere 4D Theater     Over 110cm
飞跃极限展示大厅                       无
Exhibition Hall of Floating Sphere 4D Theater Nil
西部追忆                               无
Wild West                               Nil
双层转马                               儿童须有成人陪同
Merry Go Round                         Kids should be under accompany of adults
自旋滑车                               130cm 以上
Spinning Pulley                          Over 130cm
旋转小蜜蜂                             儿童须有成人陪同
Rotating bees                            Kids should be under accompany of adults
儿童爬山车                             儿童须有成人陪同
Trail bike                              Kids should be under accompany of adults
儿童转马                             儿童须有成人陪同
Kid's Merry Go Round                   Kids should be under accompany of adults
青蛙跳                               儿童须有成人陪同
Frog Jump                             Kids should be under accompany of adults
果虫滑车                             儿童须有成人陪同
Fruit Bug Pulley                        Kids should be under accompany of adults
儿童天地项目区域                     儿童须有成人陪同
Kids' Zone area                         Kids should be under accompany of adults
说明: 1、如有变更以园区项目公告为准,详情请参见具体项目游客须知或咨询服务人员。
Note:Any change is subject to the Notice to Visitors, the details please refer to specified notice for specified attraction, or refer to the advisory stuff. 
2、 因园内设计大量高空、高速、动感等惊险刺激的项目,出于安全考虑,1.4米以下的儿童或70岁以上的老人以及残疾人士均需要有持全价票的成年人陪同方可入园,并要求体验该类项目时有成人照看或陪同。
All the attractions involve such factors as high sky, high speed, dynamic, for the sake of the safety, kids under 1.4m, people over 70 years old or the handicapped are all required to be accompanied with adults holding full ticket.
You need not to be panic in case of equpment malfunction during the ride, and should leave the site under the guide of the workstuff. 
How to buy the ticket refers to Notice to Visitors at the ticket window, one full ticket for one person free of charge.
In case of bad weather, some of operation time or performance may be delayed or put off, or even be canclled. Fantawild will not be responsible for ticket return, any loss or compensation for the equipment malfunction, engine stop, cancellation due to the bad w-eather.  
6、 为安全起见,在公园内不得穿滑轮鞋,不得使用滑板,不得骑自行车。
For the sake of your safety, you are not allowed to wear roller skates, skating board or ride a bike.
Jumping the queue or dangerous acts are prohibited. Please be understandable if you maybe stopped from queueing head of the close time of the attraction or the park in case of too many people.       
8、 请妥善保管好您的财物,请勿将贵重物品放置在您视线范围外的地方。
Please take good care of your valuables! 
9、 请勿携带食品,饮料进入本园,多谢合作。
Food and beverage are not allowed to take inside the park! Thank you for your cooperation!
Animals are not allowed to be taken inside the park!
11、 请勿有下列行为:持危险物品入园、贩卖或陈列物品、散发传单、集会及演讲、打架斗殴、商业目的之摄影摄像、其他妨碍公园及其相关设施运营的一切行为。
You are not allowed to do the following things: take inside dangerous articles, vend or dsiplay articles, distribute leaflets, meeting or speech, fight, camera for b-usiness purpose, other behaviors that interferes the park or the facilities.    
Fantawild will not be responsible for any accident ca-used by visitors due to their violation of park safety regulations or their own carelessness. 
13、 游客购票即视同认可本《游客须知》以及《购票须知》的内容。如有疑问请咨询我们的工作人员,如有需要请拨打下列电话:投诉电话:023-67002371,救援电话:67002355,咨询电话: 67002368。
Visitors are regarded approval upon buying ticket of all content concerning Notice to Tourists and Ticket Instruction. If any inquiry, please contact our Fant-awild workstaff. Or directly dial complaint hotline: 023-67002371, Rescue line: 67002355, Advisory hotline: 67002368    
Fantawild Hi-tech Theme Park Jinyuan reserves the right to interpret all contents of the above items.
Fantawild H-tech Theme Park Jinyuan wishes all visitors to enjoy your participation of every playing in our park!